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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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Business processes and information system analysis

epc diagram The main goal of system analysis is to get company's essential information on the present situation of business processes and IT. This is the first step and it serves as a foundation for an overall implementation of new IT and process reengineering strategy. In the framework of this analysis we:

  • identify and describe all critical business processes,
  • identify customer's information system,
  • analyse strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of present IT support,
  • prepare and design a case study and integration diagram of EAI.

The results of this analysis is a clear picture of the strenghts, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of existing information system. The customer obtains structured documentation, containing useful information, which helps him to make a proper decision about the further steps about implementation and integration of new IT.

Preparation of long-term strategy of information systems

When company makes a decision about further development of IT, it shoult take into account all the needs and business goals, as well as guidelines and trends in IT field. The company should take the optimal way to strike balance between costs and benefits. The preparation of strategy is a complex task, considering company's strategic goals and directions, as well as latest trends in IT field. The strategy must be feasible, cost effective and generally acceptible.
There are some key questions we should answer while activities are started. Where we are, where do we want to be, how to achieve these goals, how to operate during the strategy implementation, what benefits and costs we expect, which resources will we need? On the basis of this and other analysis, we can produce a structured, long-term documentation of develping information system and technology in the company. The customer gets a clear picture of the proposed strategy and overviev to all related necessary information.