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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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TRICE The concrete aim of this proposal is to introduce research and innovations in Computing education and training. This will be achieved through analysing the existing situation, exchanging experiences, disseminating good practices among all partners and raising the quality of education, by using innovative educational technologies. Another aspect of the main goal is to integrate teams from universities, research institutes and companies so that ETN TRICE becomes teaching, research and innovations operator in Computing Education. This objective will be achieved and the activities completed thanks to the collective experience and results achieved from the two previous successfully completed networks "European Computing Education and Training" and "Doctoral Education in Computing". The project involved 70 partners from all over Europe, among them, however, as 48 universities.


MEDSI The objective of MEDSI project is to develop a web-based integrated set of software services as a tool to enhance the capabilities of crisis planners and crisis managers in both private and governmental organizations. MEDSI will enable them to utilize various information sources for better monitoring and reduction of potential and actual risks and for more effective response in case of threats imposed especially to the subjects of the critical infrastructure. MEDSI will also be capable to create, maintain and optimise the typical scenarios and procedures how to solve the situations. Software, utilizing the data fusion of geospace, organizational and other territorial and operational area will be created and integrated in a standardized IT environment. The standardization and openness will bring the possibility to further grow this seed in national and international levels and to assure the interoperability with other systems. The system will be used by users from general security area, as well as, environmental protection, utilities management, airports and seaports, healthcare, transports, roads, energy plants, borders control etc. The system MEDSI has the potential to be installed in the organization or agency information environment and interoperate with other systems via standardized messaging. A part of MEDSI will be also the simulation subsystem allowing designing, optimising and interpreting various scenarios and contributing to the training of crisis management staff and support of exercises.


SolEuNet We have participatedin SolUeNet - an International project of European Union. The goal of the project was to enhance competitiveness and find new business opportunities in the global IT market by establishing a virtual European enterprise composed of companies and research laboratories with highly specialised expertise in two IT areas: data mining and decision support. The established enterprise is organised as a flexible business structure made of cross-organisational, time-focused, task-driven work teams. It works towards enhanced usage of data mining and decision support in industry, businesses and public services, contributing to improved quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. This will be achieved through specific solutions to end-user problems, prototype project workshops, monitoring and consulting, new methods for collaborative work and combination of problem solutions, as well as through education, training and spreading information by a Web-based information source.