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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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IT outsourcing

Why choose IT outsourcing

In turbulent times, companies have to supervise a great scale of various processes, and at the same time are confronted with the challenges of effective usage of their information technology. The investments in own IT and necessary knowledge are large and continuous and must bring an added value as fast as they can. IT outsourcing can be one of the ways to solve this problem. Outsorcing means that company transfers some IT processes or other IT related functions outside of the company. This can help your company concentrate more on its core activities and thus make it even more competitive.

IT outsourcing

The characteristic of IT outsourcing services is in very close cooperation between partnership companies. We consider the specificity of partnership company as well as their business processes. Today, IT outsourcing has strategic meanining. It enables companies to focus on their main processes and business goals. The benefits are shown as configuration of new information solutions, better productivity, easier IT approach, and specific knowledge in business processes and infrastructures. There are three main reasons, companies make a decision to outsource some of their processes: decreasing costs, getting new services and distributing risk.