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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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Web applications

Gis graphs

GisGrafi One picture is 1000 words valid. GIS Graphs is a Slovenian newness. You can make on-the-fly graphical presentation of your own data distribute by Slovenian regions.

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Sara This web application is designed for companies with a licence for decomposition of used cars. It is very kind to the user, with a simple GUI, It's destinction is also in good stability during the operation and a high level of security, which is assured by PKI infrastructure and SIGEN-CA digital certificate.

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WEB Nsvs

WebNsvs WebNSVS application is designed to handle saving accounts of citizens that are included in The national housing saving schema (NSVS). The principal users or the application are the banks that manage the accounts and the citizens that save money for housing purposes. The citizens can browse their saving accounts through a web browser. In case of any noticed incorrect information regarding the status of the accounts and the respective payments they can react promptly and contact the responsible bank. Moreover, the banks can also browse their accounts and therefore improve their control mechanisms.

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