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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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Web applications

WEB applictions are dynamic web pages for interactive communication between users and information systems. They enable direct access for writing and reading data to a database and presentation of the data in various ways.



The new era brings new challenges - eCommerce. Using modern IT architecture (the "e"), companies can improve IT support of their business procesess more efficiently and connect their business enviroment in a very flexible way.


Business applications

Timely information processing and usage are cornerstones of every successful business. With our business applications we aim to ensure timely and quality work, and help increasing the added value of your work.




Expert systems

Expert systems are complex computer systems, designed to solve complex problems, which typically require some sort of human expert knowledge. The knowledge is stored in a knowledge base and is acquired from the experts for a given problem domain. In addition to the »manual« knowledge elicitation methods that require skillful knowledge engineers, automatic knowledge construction methodologies based on machine learning principles are recently gaining importance.