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Conference Project Management in practice 2013
February 13, 2013

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Our solutions are based on the latest technologies. Our products are developed with modern programming languages, such as Delphi, Java and PHP. They can be integrated with different operating systems and platforms and they employ different databases, especially Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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All solutions are plarform independent: work on Windows as well as Linux operating systems. More complex solutions are implemented with JBoss server and ObjectWEB technologies.

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Delphi logo Borland Delphi is a programming tool for developing efficient business solutions running on Windows and Linux operating systems as well as .NET platorms. It is based on program laguage Pascal, which was extended in very efficient Object Pascal by Borland.


Java logo Java technology readily harnesses the power of the network because it is both a programming language and a selection of specialized platforms. As such, it standardizes the development and deployment of the kind of secure, portable, reliable, and scalable applications required by the networked economy. Because the Internet and World Wide Web play a major role in new business development, consistent and widely supported standards are critical to growth and success.


PHP logo PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.) and runs on different platforms. By creating Web forms we can modify server side database - the data from the servers becomes interactive.